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ImageThe objectives of K&S communication tools are:

1) To provide the general public with reflection opportunities on the reality and intimate link of body, heart and mind in human sexuality.  As a consequence, the general public will be more aware of impacts that attitudes and behaviours have on other people.

2) To provide the general public with i) basic communication skills (expressing and listening to feelings) and ii) basic knowledge of the needs of partners in couple relationships.

3) To give the general public opportunities to reflect on positive models of relationships to help them make their own choices for a life in partnership.

Available tools:

ImageVisual tools:
+    Video spots,
+    TV shows,
+    One minute TV advertisements
+    Presentation video on K&S training.

Audio tools:
+    Radio shows,
+    CD Songs.

Printed materials:
+    Picture/graphic novels,
+    Trainer manual to use the potential of K&S video,
+    Posters,
+    Leaflets and booklets on various topics.


Public events:

K&S organises public events with popular singers, including Q&A animations to allow deeper reflection and analysis on topics related to positive gender relationship and sexuality.  These public events are generally organised with partner organisations to reach general or targeted populations.